Fee Policies

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ll fee and charges are to be directly deposited in cash/pay order in the designated branches of Askari Bank Ltd. No cross cheque will be accepted by the bank. Cash payments will not be accepted by Accounts Section OPF Boys College, Islamabad, in any circumstances.
If dues are not paid by the due date a fine will be charged. In case of non-payment of dues within first twenty days, readmission charges will be applicable.
On a student's leaving the school, the Tuition Fee and Security Fee received in advance for the remaining months of the term will be returned to the student.
In case of withdrawal from the school, the student will need to pay the full fee for the month in which he/she last attends classes.
Parents are requested to contact the college Accounts Department in case of errors in the fee bill.
No student will be allowed to sit for a public or college examination unless his/her accounts are settled in full before the date on which the examination is due to commence. For students who take examinations, fee must be paid up to the end of the calendar month in which their examination finishes.
Payment of refunds will only be made through crossed cheques in the name of the student's parents/guardians.

Talented Students are facilitated in the following forms. Only one concession at a time, however is permissible.

Fee Concession

  • A concession of 50% in tuition fee is granted to four (04) children of Overseas Pakistanis holding genuine OP's Membership Card issued by OPF.
  • 10% concession in tuition fee is given to the second brother studying in the College.
Transport Charges
  • Rs. 1,500/- per month (within Islamabad Capital Territory-ICT) on specific Routes of developed sectors.
  • Rs. 2,000/- per month (within Rawalpindi city) on the specific routes.

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