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The College provides a disciplined domain where students can draw maximum academic benefits in congenial environment. None is permitted to impair the affability of the College campus.<br>The following points are for general guidance :-<br><ol><li>Visitors are not permitted to see the students in or outside the classroom except through Principal.</li><li>Smoking is strictly prohibited in the College premises. Public smoking by Parents/Guardians is also prohibited within the College Premises.</li><li>Cell Phones, MP3/4 players, I Pods and all such devices are strictly prohibited in the college premises. Such devices shall be confiscated if found. Apart from disciplinary action, a fine of Rs. 1000/- shall also be imposed.</li><li>Students can leave the College before pack-up time only in extreme case with the written permission of the Principal/Vice Principal.</li><li></li><li>While the College encourages and sponsors co/extra-curricular activities like debates, symposia, celebration of days of National importance,religious festivals, science exhibitions, painting and other competitions,no union activity of any sort is allowed under any circumstances, However, co/extra curricular activities are managed through societies / clubs /councils.</li><li>The college accepts no responsibility for any loss/mishap on the way to or from the college.</li><li>The College administration reserves the right to suspend, expel, rusticate or otherwise terminate the studentship of any student who violates any of the College rules and regulations or whose conduct is detrimental to the College discipline according to the interpretation of the College Administration whose decision will be final.</li><li>Any wilful destruction or mutilation of buildings, furniture, books or other property of the College shall be deemed as a serious offence. The offender shall be liable to make good the loss/damage and /or termination from the College.</li><li>Disrespect or rude behavior towards a member of the College faculty and staff shall be deemed as a serious offence. It is punishable to the extent of suspension or expulsion from the College.</li></ol>

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